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Neurons / It Ain’t Me

A visual comparison of the music video for It Ain’t Me and microscopic images of neurons.


Currently Streaming

Notes on Stranger Things (Netflix), Poldark (BBC One), and The Flash (The CW).

Initial Reaction: Ex Machina (2015)

A quick analysis of the film, Ex Machina, including notes on Gustav Klimt’s featured artwork and the film’s ending.

The Man in the High Castle Pilot (Spoilers)

The Man in the High Castle is a new Amazon Video series (free to stream with Prime Membership). The entire series will be available to stream on 11/20, but they have already released the pilot episode for viewing. As a fan of the author of the eponymous novel and source content of the series, Philip […]

Mrs. Blanche White – The Black Widow

I haven’t received all of the costume props in the mail yet, but I’ve decided to base my costume off the murderous widow from the 1985 cult classic, Clue. Not going to follow her costume exactly, though (mostly because I can definitely not pull off the hair style). In the mean time, some of my […]

Back at School

Fourth year of college and I’m still making the same rookie mistakes. The next few weeks are going to be hell thanks to my unfailing, unflappable, indelible ability to procrastinate. Thinking about the onslaught of exams gave me the blues, so I took a break from being a student. One of the things I did […]

Movie Style- Beware the Gonzo

Beware the Gonzo (2010) – another crazy high school drama I just watched on Amazon Prime Instant Movies. A+ on casting and styling. Storyline was a bit muddled. Perhaps it was the pacing, not sure… Anyway, the main character of the movie, Eddie aka Gonzo, a  high school senior, decides to start his own newspaper after […]

I’m Back!

Aaaah. I feel like I’ve finally settled into June…and the summer. Here’s a recap of what’s gone on so far…I got some r&r in Cambridge/Boston while visiting my sister (for her graduation! yay!). There’s something about being in a beautiful city (even though it rained a lot) full of busy, beautiful people that feels very […]

Spring Visuals

Every once in a while those over-priced, luxury retailers do something sort of cool that’s free. Well, here it is. Some good, old eye candy. The J Crew Spring Photo Shoot. I always love what they do for their ad campaigns (One that sticks out had some professional ballet dancers featured in lots of grays and khakis) […]

Cut up

Crop tops! I was not a huge fan last year when they started popping up in street wear a lot. But, I’m loving how Balenciaga and Calvin Klein have used the concept. The colors and fabrics are simple. Prints are minimal and repetitive. The beauty is in the simple silhouettes, broken up with some skin. […]