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Back at School

Fourth year of college and I’m still making the same rookie mistakes. The next few weeks are going to be hell thanks to my unfailing, unflappable, indelible ability to procrastinate. Thinking about the onslaught of exams gave me the blues, so I took a break from being a student. One of the things I did […]

I’m Back!

Aaaah. I feel like I’ve finally settled into June…and the summer. Here’s a recap of what’s gone on so far…I got some r&r in Cambridge/Boston while visiting my sister (for her graduation! yay!). There’s something about being in a beautiful city (even though it rained a lot) full of busy, beautiful people that feels very […]

A Little Bit of New York

My Roommate and I took a pretty spontaneous trip to NY yesterday. We took the bus which wasn’t a lot of fun, but it’s about half the price of the train from where I live (if I’m recalling the prices correctly). Once we got into the city, we started off our journey to a place […]