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Admit 1

film trivia and some snow day art


Creepy Costumes: Halloween

Halloween, the best holiday.

Photography on Tumblr

A shameless plug.

Test Driving My Camera at Night

Just a few of the shots I got from Illuminate the Knight at Rutgers, which was a 5k run (I think, I didn’t actually run it. Hehe). I’m guessing the run was a lot of fun, though, with all of the adrenaline and awesome lights everywhere. Anyway, It was a lot of fun taking photos […]

Mixed Media

I’ve been recently thinking of ways to decorate the bleak walls of my campus apartment. Nothing too large or heavy since I’ll be moving out in a few short months anyway. Inspiration- Music Video: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift I really enjoyed the doll-house-like set of this video. The boldly […]