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Give Fashion Week a Chance

Fall 15′ RTW shows that every Zoolander, Wes Anderson, & Henri Matisse fan should see.


Cut up

Crop tops! I was not a huge fan last year when they started popping up in street wear a lot. But, I’m loving how Balenciaga and Calvin Klein have used the concept. The colors and fabrics are simple. Prints are minimal and repetitive. The beauty is in the simple silhouettes, broken up with some skin. […]

Inspiration from the Spring ’13 Runway

(1st post! Hi! My name is Laura. I’m currently a 3rd year college student. I just turned 20 years old this past July. I’ve always wanted to start a fashion-interest blog, and well, I’m finally doing it! I’ve always loved fashion, art, and personal style, though I’ve not always been so forward about it…It’s actually […]