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Back at School

Fourth year of college and I’m still making the same rookie mistakes. The next few weeks are going to be hell thanks to my unfailing, unflappable, indelible ability to procrastinate. Thinking about the onslaught of exams gave me the blues, so I took a break from being a student. One of the things I did […]

Sunglasses: Accomplice to Style and Health

I pretty much don’t leave my apartment without my sunglasses on! I think I fell in love with sunglasses because they are a great movie prop, and by extension remind me of some hilarious, heart-warming, and iconic moments in film. Take a look at some of my favorites… Breakfast at Tiffany’s Men in Black The […]

Cold Weather and Cool Hats

Fall is upon us! It was around 50 degrees today, so of course I got to thinking about cold weather themed ideas and accessories. One of my favorite accessories is a good hat. Not only do they add a little something extra to an outfit, but they’re very practical! Did you know that you lose […]