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Maybe it’s all the hype or maybe these shows are actually pretty great. I personally think they’re pretty great though.

Reasons to watch:

Stranger Things (Netflix, Season 1): This one is amazing on so many levels. Just watch it. If you need more convincing though- it’s a mix of creepy and weird and adventure, plus Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and a set of misfit kids that manage to steal the show nonetheless. Side note- for anyone that is a fan of films or is a movie buff: this is required viewing.



Poldark (BBC One, available via Amazon Prime, Season 1): This one is a treat to watch, especially if you like period dramas and miss Downton Abbey. It’s got its own draw though in the main character Ross Poldark, played by the ever charismatic Aidan Turner. And just to break it down for you- he also played Kili in The Hobbit- one of the two good looking dwarf brothers.


The Flash (The CW, Seasons 1, 2): This show, although less refined than others, is super fun and takes advantage of its source material without being too cheesy, which is the way to go with translating superhero’s into live action imo. Not to get you too excited, but season 3 starts off with the Flash, played by Grant Gustin, dealing with the repercussions seen in the comic storyline from the Flashpoint Paradox. But, as cool as this show is for fans of the comic book Flash, it definitely is its own version of the tale that anyone could get obsessed with.


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