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  • The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury
  • The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge


After listening to Moonwalking With Einstein, written by Joshua Foer and narrated by Mike Chamberlain, on my phone, I immediately began searching for more titles to buy for the Audible app. I initially picked Foer’s novel because I was interested in memory palaces, but found that I enjoyed Foer’s thirst for answers about memory. Foer, a journalist on assignment, takes us on an international journey that provides insight into memory-related pathologies, the efficacy of memory palaces in real world applications, and its possible shortcomings and complications. The author’s personal journey towards the 2006 USA Memory Championship is the icing on top of an already fantastic story. The book opened up a personal interest in the pliability of thought and the mechanisms of learning and learning disabilities. For further information on the subject, I recently downloaded another audiobook titled, The Brain That Changes Itself, written by Norman Doidge and narrated by Jim Bond.

On a whim, I also downloaded, The Halloween Tree, written by Ray Bradbury and narrated by Bronson Pinchot. I started listening to The Halloween Tree right away because I thought it would be a fun listen into the history of Halloween and rituals surrounding death across different cultures. Without spoiling the story, I think that it is an excellent read for anyone who is mourning the loss of a loved one or knows someone who is terminally ill or coping with a chronic progressive disease. About 15 minutes in I start crying and realize again that I am not over the aftermath of what happened and I still feel helpless about the whole situation. I can’t be personally open at the moment, but I wanted to share the title of the Bradbury novel because I anticipate that it will be a fun read not just for the season, but for its content on death and loss.

Also: personal reminder that the science that we study in school is personal for each patient and that medicine treats not only physical, but also mental and societal issues.


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