Denim for Days


One of the more wearable trends that has made it’s way down the Spring 2015 Runways is denim– not that trends are something to be followed or of great importance…but they can be kind of helpful if you’re in a style rut or just fascinated by what’s next in fashion. Since denim has proven it’s staying power, updates to the fabic and cut should make it an easy trend to try for the adventurous or even adopt. Let’s take a few notes on the designs and trends that have shown up more recently, including raws, distressing, and patchwork. Denim has been a staple in many ways for decades now, but the exploration of its versatility in the medium of high fashion makes the ubiquitous fabric a more interesting choice than a basic one (albeit perhaps less wearable for some). Whether you’re into couture, street, vintage, normcore, or fast fashion- denim has got your back, backside, behind…wherever. Read on for a mini-guide on what to look for as denim hits the high end, low end, and all the clothing corners in between.

The Denim: What to Buy, What to Skip, & Denim DIY’s

Runway Trend: Clean Denim. Everyday EquivalentRaw Denim, Selvedge Denim.

Who: Heritage-Obsessed, Quality-Over-Quantity Denim Enthusiast Price: $$-$$$ Look: Clean Cut (at first), Individualized. Verdict: Spend. You get what you pay for- quality and a classic look that lasts. Notes: If you’re interested in owning a pair, it’s an investment, but if you get the right fit and understand how to take care of these, they last and look great for a long time. I haven’t personally met many- or actually, any women who wear raw denim, but my brother has a few pairs (N&F, Gustin) that have served him well.

Runway Trend: Ultra Distressed Denim. Everyday Equivalent: DIY Distressed Denim or Factory Distressed.

Who: Fashion Bloggers, the More Trend-Inclinded, Zombies. Price: $-$$$ Look: Relaxed. Verdict: Save or Skip. (Full Disclaimer: I’ve got on a pair of second-hand Carmar jeans that are (factory) shredded at the knees and they are a breathe of fresh air in my wardrobe, literally and figuratively.) Minor distressing and fading in a pair of jeans can be flattering and worth a bigger price tag, but ultra distressed denim can be a task to wear and to care for. Go Green and try some second-hand reworked pieces/ buy from someone who DIY’s distressed denim. Notes on wear: If the trend suits your fancy, there are ways to salvage the look after it’s had its day in the sun (ie. the distressing has worn out to leave a huge hole), which just might make this trend worth it since some simple sewn repairs will lead you into the next two trends… SIDE NOTE- An Alternative: Try the less in-your-face, less up-keep-required, knee-cut denim. See: Sonya Esman of ClassIsInternal. She’s been rockin’ the knee-cut denim for a while now, so scroll through or check out her lookbook account to see some classy knee-slashed denim ensembles!

Runway Trends: Repaired Denim & Patchwork Denim. Everyday Equivalent: DIY Denim or Factory Distressed.

Who: See Previous. Price: $-$$$ Look: Relaxed, Bohemian. Verdict: DIY. How To Get It Done: You’ll need, 1) some time, 2) your mom’s sewing machine, 3) some creative vibes, 4) your beat-up denim + scrap fabric + thread to get, the very possible result of: a one-of-a-kind denim piece. There are several great DIY guides here and there. Plus, with a few tweaks (different color thread, varied stitching types, printed fabrics) the look can go in a lot of different directions, but honestly that direction will most likely be bohemian.

And finally, get inspired to love all things denim, whether it be old, new, luxury, or street.1-best-denim-trends-ss15



Photo sources: Runway photos from; All other images: Click through for sources.


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