Give Fashion Week a Chance

At times runway fashion seems elitist, superfluous, and nonsensical. Between the designer price tag and trend-following zombies, and it’s no wonder Runway Fashion has a very polarizing effect on different social groups. But for the casual fashion week fan, its shows contain inspirational and beautiful, wearable works of art. On the models, the artwork become character forms- reflections of the people we are, the people we aspire to be, and the people we have yet to know of. Individualization through fashion is an art form that we all partake in, as the wearer and/or as the viewer. Fashion Week just does it with nothing held back. As much as fashion may tend towards mindless uniformity, fashion week for the individual has the potential to be a springboard of creativity and fearless self-expression.

Shows For the Non-Fashion Week-er:
Best OMG Moment:

If you love Zoolander or love laughing at models, watch: Valentino Fall 2015 RTW. (Scroll down for video. Skip to 00:14:35 for a surprise blue steel moment.)

Best Set/ Showmanship:

If you love Amelie or just love your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, watch: Chanel Fall 2015 RTW. (Video starts playing automatically.)

Looks fit for your Favorite Film Heroine:

If you love The Royal Tenenbaums or any/all Wes Anderson films, view: Gucci Fall 2015 RTW. (Look book.)

Best Shapes & Silhouettes:

If you love Henri Matisse or love going to the MOMA in New York, view: Jacquemus Fall 2015 RTW. (Look book.)

Comfort Clothes/ Faith Restored in Comfortable Fashion:

If you love tomboy style and don’t wear skinny jeans, view: A.P.C. Fall 2015 RTW. (Look book.)


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